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 Which certification is right for you?

Whether you're looking to advance your understanding of dogs, start a career as a dog trainer, or help dogs with behaviour concerns, we've got great options to help you get to the next level with one of our comprehensive courses.


Advance Your Skills

A low-cost option to set yourself apart from the competition and provide the best for dogs in your care.

Launch Your Career

An ideal program for individuals who want to start their career as a professional dog trainer.

Commit to Behaviour

Our most comprehensive program that covers everything to become a behaviour consultant.

Popular Course

DogmaĀ Certified Behaviour Consultant

Embark on a comprehensive behaviour course designed to offer structured mentorship and foster a supportive community. Access on-demand webinars, engage in virtual and in-person workshops, and more to equip yourself with the knowledge and experience needed to effectively handle behaviour cases.


Go At Your Own Pace

Do It Yourself Programs

Achieve a Certificate of Completion in Canine Essentials or Behavior Essentials! Maximize your savings by bundling these courses and broaden your expertise.


Mentorships Available


Work hands-on under the guidance of a certified professional dog trainer. Part-time and full-time options available for everything from basic training, coaching skills, and fearful/reactive training.


What People Are Saying

Our students' success speaks volumes.

"Just wanted to give a kudos to Megan & the whole apprenticeship program for the amazing references in notes. I still refer back to this binder all the time to refresh or double check information needed.


Dog Trainer/Business Owner

"The Dogma apprenticeship program was such a great experience for me! I love that the program is flexible making it doable to take while working a full time job.  I have learnt a ton over the past year and met some amazing people along the way!!  And the best part is my pups have also been able to take full advantage of all dogma and the apprenticeship program have to offer! Both my dogs have come a long way since I started the program!


Dog Trainer/Business Owner

"I love all the dog training courses I've ever taken yours was the most impactful and beneficial and educational. I'm really thankful for that. You've absolutely shaped the person and the trainer I've become and I am forever indebted to you...Whenever anybody that wants to become a dog trainer asked me what course to take I send them to yours. Thank you again.


Dog Trainer/Business Owner

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