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Hi, I'mĀ Megan, CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA, FFCP (Trainer)

Founder & President

of Dogma Academy, and Dogma Training which consists of two canine behaviour & education centers in Calgary. Dogma works with all breeds and behaviours and specializes in modifying complex behaviours. Through a wide range of programs, Dogma focuses on integrating dogs back in with their canine companions and helping dogs be successful in our families and busy human world.Ā I am passionate about providing education to dog owners and trainers through my business, online resources, and through speaking engagements. I'm also passionate about helping other females succeed so mentor young students through Rotary Stay in School program and female entrepreneurs through The Forum.

An active volunteer,Ā I recently served 4.5 years on the Board of Directors for the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. I currentlyĀ serve as Chair for The Canadian Association of ProfessionalĀ Dog Trainers, and am a board member of Licensing & Community Standards Appeals Board with the City of Calgary.

IĀ believe life is too short to not do what we love, so strive to inspire and encourage others to follow their dreams. These programs are a great way to do that.I am passionate about helping dog trainers succeed and am proud to work as an APDT Mentor.

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Why Dogma Academy?


Many people ask why I would help develop other dog professionals while I still operate a dog training business? Simple! I believe there is still a high demand for qualified canine professionals. We have much work to do and there is more than enough for everyone. I'm passionate about helping others succeed and this is proven through the high quality of our graduates who have gone on to open highly-respected dog training businesses and/or are actively recruited.


I have been a business owner and dog trainer for over 20 years. I started Dogma Academy in 2009 and have continued to evolve the programs. Ours was the first of its kind in Canada and we've built a strong reputation because of the comprehensive theory and exceptional hands-on experience. If you are interested in starting a career as a dog trainer, you can finish your studies at your pace from anywhere in the world. Our goal is to help you succeed and our team is here to support your journey. We have multiple programs and continue to add more regularly.


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Hi, I'm Shelley Cherniawsky, DCBC, CPDT-KA, FFCP (Trainer)

Director of Behaviour & Education

of Dogma Academy and Dogma Training. Similar to many dog trainers, I found Dogma when a dog of my own presented challenging behaviors I was unsure of how to address. Rather than hire a trainer through Dogma, the apprenticeship program caught my eye and I figured why not just become a trainer, so I enrolled into the Dogma Academy in 2012.

Shortly after enrolling into the Academy, a part-time group class trainer assistant position was posted from Dogma. I jumped at the opportunity to join the Dogma team. As I progressed through the apprenticeship program it became evident that dog training was my true passion. This part-time assistant role quickly turned into a full time trainer on the team after successful completion of the DCBC certification, to Head Trainer to Manager and now the Director of Behavior and Education.

I currently share my home with wo dogs, Gus and Ferro, husband, Nick, and two daughters, Hannah and Isabelle. Gus is my soul dog that continues to inspire my work with fear and reactivity cases to unlock every dog’s full potential. Learning firsthand the challenges, and subsequently the joys, of living with fear and reactivity behaviors with a family dog has been the driving force behind my passion in dog training.

Through a mentorship with Megan, I found an additional passion in the industry helping others starting their journey to become certified dog trainers. I am devoted to teaching other trainers and making fear free training/handling the industry standard. My values and mission have always aligned with Dogma’s and I am beyond excited to continue making a positive impact on the lives of dog’s and those that love them.

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