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Developing the highly qualified dog trainers of tomorrow and providing exceptional continuing ed to professional dog trainers.

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dogma Certified Behaviour Consultant (DCBC)

Our most comprehensive and most popular program. Includes the Pet First Aid, Handling, dogma Dog Trainer certificates. This intensive program covers puppies, obedience, fear/reactivity, group classes, private training, day school and more. The first of its kind in Canada and everything you need to know to start a serious career in dog training.


dogma Dog Trainer Program (DDT)

This program covers everything you need to begin your career as a professional dog trainer. Learn about private training, group classes, and day school for obedience and common behaviour problem-solving and prevention. This an ideal program for individuals who do not want to work with complex behaviour or want to set themselves apart in their careers.


Handling Certificate for Canine Professionals

Do you work with dogs for a living? Set yourself apart and demonstrate your commitment to providing the best in care for dogs by obtaining this certificate. Learn how to understand canine communication, basic training and how to properly handle dogs so that it is stress-free for both of you. This is a great low price and flexible option you can start today!


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Still deciding whether a dog trainer is the right career for you? Not familiar with our programs? We can help.

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A group of committed individuals that are leading meaningful change to improve the lives of dogs and the people who love them.

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