Terms & Conditions

By enrolling in any Dogma Academy program, I understand and agree that:

  • Any form of client, Dogma team or dog abuse will serve as grounds for dismissal with no refund of program fees.
  • Inappropriate, disruptive, profane, or argumentative behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated towards Dogma staff or your fellow students. Violation of this policy may result in dismissal from the program.
  • Dogma will dismiss any student found under the influence of or in possession of drugs or alcoholic substances while working.
  • Appropriate dress while representing Dogma is required. This includes looking clean and professional, not wearing ripped or soiled clothing, and wearing close-toed shoes.
  • The student shall provide any services to the best of the student’s ability to use positive motivational training methods and represent Dogma in a professional manner. The student shall adhere to Dogma’s philosophy and training methods.
  • Attendance in the program sessions is recorded. You will get out of the program what you put into it. It is expected that students will actively participate in all classes, workshops, and mentor sessions.
  • A minimum grade of 80% is required for graduation. Tests can be redone for $175 CAD each.
  • The student will obtain their CPDT-KA/CBCC-KA or CDBC designation within 2 years of graduation. The DDT and/or DCBC designation can no longer be used by the student if they do not obtain these designations. It is the student’s responsibility to report their certification status to Dogma Academy.
  • All program materials including, but not limited to written materials, CD’s and DVD’s may not be copied or duplicated without the express written consent of Dogma. This contract does not give or imply said consent. The student further agrees that under no circumstance will she/he sell any portion of the Dogma curriculum either during or after the program.
  • The students will not exchange any personal information, or socialize with, existing or perspective clients, of the company in person, over the phone, e-mail, or via social media.
  • Attendance in each workshop session is mandatory. If a student must miss a session, they are required to make up this class and complete the required assignment.
  • A leave of absence may be requested.  These will be granted for a maximum of 2 intakes. During this time, the student will not have access to the program materials and sessions. Account will be deactivated.
  • Program fees (less  bank fees) are refundable after 7 days of gaining access to program materials when program has been paid in full (not a payment plan). After that, you will be given full access to course materials and all program fees are non-refundable.
  • Only the most recent payment plan fees are refundable after 7 days of gaining access to program materials. After that, you will be given full access to course materials and all program fees are non-refundable.
  • If program fees are paid in full, and the student is inactive for 12 months, they will be considered a drop-out and the account will be deactivated.
  • The student agrees to the payment plan selected on their registration form and understands that all fees are non-refundable. You are responsible to pay your full program fees before joining an intake.
  • By accepting our terms & conditions, you agree that this contractual agreement must always be followed. Any violation of this contract will serve as grounds for dismissal from the program and may even lead to necessary legal action.
  • This is an exciting time, enjoy it and have fun!